CCWWC Employees

CCWWC has four employees, and they are listed below with contact information along with the relevant State Certifications

Heath Hall

General Manager
A Drinking Water Treatment, A Wastewater Treatment

Bill Arnett

Distribution Supervisor
C Drinking Water Treatment, Distribution III

Howard Smothers

Distribution Operator
Distribution III

Todd Keller

Administrative Assistant
D Drinking Water Treatment, Distribution III

SUEZ Partners

CCWWC currently contracts with SUEZ for the operations of the Water Treatment Plant.  This practice has been in place since 1992 and has served the Commission well.  The local SUEZ operators continue to operate the plant effectively and make high quality drinking water.  The SUEZ Operators are listed below with their State Certifications.

Scott Allen

Plant Manager/Chief Operator
A Drinking Water Treatment, A Wastewater Treatment, Distribution III

Joe Smith

A Drinking Water Treatment

Darin Clithero

B Drinking Water Treatment

Kurtis Arnett

A Drinking Water Treatment

Rick McAfee

C Drinking Water Treatment, C Wastewater Treatment, Distribution I

Adam Dreisewerd


Jeramie McCallum