Water Quality and Treatment

The “Cecil V. Fretwell Water Treatment Plant” is located in rural Monroe County along the North Fork of Mark Twain Lake.  It can treat and produce up to 10 million gallons per day of drinking water.

Storage for water used in the treatment process is purchased through a three-way contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Missouri.  Raw lake water is taken directly from the North Fork of Mark Twain Lake (approximately 10 miles west/upstream of Clarence Cannon Dam) and pumped to the Water Treatment Plant.

The treatment process consists of chemical addition to aid in coagulation and settling of solids.  Pulsating clarifiers then reduce turbidity and remove naturally occurring organics.  Then filtration removes smaller particles from the water by allowing them stick to the anthracite filter media.  Next disinfection of the water is necessary to kill bacteria.  Then the finished drinking water is pumped into the piping and storage system to be delivered to the 23 member systems.

CCWWC has 6 booster pumping stations and 8 water storage tanks with the total capacity of 7,365,000 million gallons of water.